Innovation and Technology Management

Termin: 12.02.2021
Dozent(en): Prof. Dr. Marcus Wagner


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The module part “Innovation and Technology Management” provides insights into how innovation and technology are crucial for competitive advantages of firms. We will focus on concepts, tools, and current trends for managing innovation and technology that every manager needs to be aware of and know how they apply to their company.

What are the main and most important content-related issues?
Definitions, Appropriation of Innovation Rents, Success Factors, Fuzzy Front End, Disruptive Technology, Architectural Innovation, Lead User Method, Technology Assessment, Sustainability Innovation, Stage-Gate Processes, Technology Transfer, Open Innovation, R&D Cooperation

By attending the course, participants understand essential concepts, tools and trends in the context of innovation and technology management. In particular, they learn what types of innovation exist; what tools help to manage innovation processes and new technologies; and what megatrends such as sustainability and digitalisation mean for innovation and technology management. Students reflect and discuss the concepts and tools; apply them in case study analyses, and relate them to their own company. Overall, students are able to critically analyze and evaluate phenomena related to innovation and technology management and to create solutions for business problems in a largely autonomous way. They are able to exchange their ideas with experts and others on an academic level.

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